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Superconductivity is a quantum phenomenon of some materials that, at certain critical temperatures, transmit electricity without any resistance and withstand very high intensity magnetic fields.

Superconductivity is one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the 20th Century. However, except for a few applications in medical diagnostic techniques and advanced physics, the impact of this high-potential phenomenon in on our daily lives, over a century after it was first observed, is nearly non-existent.

We believe the absence of superconductive products is largely due to the lack of an appropriate Innovation Model.

Following AZF’s model, IIA is taking Superconductivity to the Industry through the development of practical, high-impact applications to generate disruption. We are transforming Superconductivity’s physical properties into competitive advantages, and then, capitalizing the most important feature of this physical phenomena: Scalability.

Progress in Superconductivity and Electromagnetism allow us to think of a new approach to help corporations achieve their objectives and ensure their own sustainably — energy efficiency, water use efficiency, new production processes; competitive advantages, barriers to entry.

Given the challenges facing the Mining Industry to ensure corporate sustainability, our proposal is to draw the development vector of the Mining of the Future based on industrial applications of Superconductivity.


  • Breakthrough Technologies
  • Industrial Applications
  • Multiple Product Lines
  • Intellectual Property
  • Businesses
  • New Markets
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Barriers to Entry