Create a world-class organization that provides innovation technology and center of excellence services for research, design and road-to-market strategies of high-impact products and solutions based on superconductivity, in the areas of energy, water, environment and industrial applications.
Superconductivity is a phenomenon that allows the flow of electrical current with zero resistance and without energy losses, when operating in a very low temperature environment. Superconductor-based systems for energy can provide higher efficiency, lower cost, lighter and smaller systems, higher reliability and performance. They are highly scalable and can considerably reduce global carbon emissions.
OPPORTUNITY exists for a profound change, a technology revolution, for those who can harness its benefits.
The OPORTUNITY also is to generate important changes for humanity, transforming high technology and science that makes sustainable use of natural resources and benefits society as a whole.
This is a unique opportunity for Chile, Latin America and the World.


Advanced Innovation Center - Chile www.aicchile.com AIC is an applied technological innovation center. We transform knowledge into value by generating solutions that create major economic, social, and environmental impact, by applying the Integrated Objectives Methodology.

FundaciĆ³n AVINA www.avina.net Avina's main objective is to contribute to concrete and relevant changes that lead to more sustainable development in Latin America. Avina creates and supports collaborative processes that produce effective cooperation among entrepreneurs, companies, civil society organizations, academia and governmental institutions so together they can contribute to advancing the common good.
Through its activities, Avina builds conditions capable of influencing decision makers and generating the changes necessary for a sustainable Latin America.

AML Superconductivity and Magnetics www.amlsuperconductivity.com Founded in 1995, AML is a recognized leader in the development of innovative magnet-based and superconducting applications. This puts us at the forefront of the most anticipated transformational solutions in a broad range of sectors, including energy, industrial solutions, transportation, water treatment and medical solutions.
By enabling such critical solutions, AML helps customers to deliver significant economic and social impact around the world.


The Chilean Economic Development Agency www.corfo.cl CORFO is a public-sector organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and growth in Chile, using tools and instruments compatible with the central framework of a social market economy, creating the conditions necessary to build a society of opportunity.

The State of Chile, through CORFO, is the first strategic partner of Impact Innovation Alliance, with a grant which is partially funding the "Superconductivy Consortium for Energy Efficiency". This Consortium is one of the main initiatives that the Impact Innovation Alliance will develop from Chile to the rest of the world.