Chief Innovation Officer at Advanced Innovation Center Industrial designer, creator of the Integrated Objectives Model (OIM) and founder of the AIC. He aims to demonstrate that Technology and Ending Poverty are concepts that can and must run together.
Scientific Director at Advanced Innovation Center. Chief Scientist at Advanced Magnet Lab, with over 30 years experience in advanced Physics and Engineering. He was Senior Scientist at Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory in Texas, where he was responsible of developing the 20-TeV proton-proton collider, and has published over 100 scientific papers.
Director de Innovación Social de Fundación Avina. Fue fundador y director ejecutivo de la organización no gubernamental Cultiva, entidad que contribuye a la descontaminación de Santiago de Chile, a través de la reforestación con árboles nativos y la participación de más de veinte mil estudiantes. Entre los años 2007 y 2011, asumió el cargo de Responsable Nacional de Fundación Avina en Chile, función que desempeña de manera temporal en la actualidad. Con anterioridad integró las agendas regionales de Cambio Climático, Mercados Inclusivos, Energía y Patagonia. Scallan estudió Derecho en la Universidad de Buenos Aires y fue profesor de pedagogía Waldorf entre los años 1994 y 2001, en el colegio Giordano Bruno en Santiago de Chile.
President and CEO at Advanced Magnet Labs Inc (AML)  Expert in robotics and manufacturing systems automation. He is responsible of AML's relationships with NASA, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory, National High Magnetic Field Lab, and others.
BS in Computer Engineering and an MS in Engineering Management from Florida Institute of Technology. His track includes multiple ventures in the development of technologies by providing novel approaches and solutions to complex challenges. Since joining AML in 2008, Mr. Prince has been instrumental in developing the company's energy business. He has developed strategies, secured millions of research dollars, and formed and led a multifaceted team of world-class collaboration partners. With a strong technical and business background, he is credited for successfully fulfilling the company's largest and most strategic projects.
Chief Executive Officer at Advanced Innovation Center BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A & M University. 36+ year career at Baker Hughes, major oilfield services provider and Vice President, Latin America for the last 8 years of his tenure. Since 2013 a consultant on business, management and strategy. In 2014 joined AIC to lead the AIC Energy RMS hydrocarbon stimulation technology and from June 2015 as CEO. Main task has been to provide strategy and management leadership to all of AIC businesses and technologies.