Create a world class organization, provider of innovative technology and a center of excellence for the research, design and industrialization of high impact solutions based on superconductivity oriented to the areas of energy, water and environment.

Superconductivity is a phenomenon that allows the flow of electrical current to occur with zero resistance and without loss of energy, operating in a very low temperature environment.

Systems based on Superconductors can provide solutions in the world of energy with high efficiency, low cost, size and light weight, high availability and performance, scalable and environmentally friendly. There is an OPPORTUNITY for profound changes, a technological revolution, for those who can take advantage of its benefits.

The OPPORTUNITY is also presented to generate important changes in society, transforming advanced technology and science into a means to combat poverty and care for the environment.

It is a unique opportunity for Chile.


Advanced Innovation Center - Chile www.aicchile.com AIC is an advanced innovation center located in Viña del Mar. We transform knowledge into value generating solutions that create great economic, social and environmental impact, applying the Integrated Objectives Methodology.

Avina Foundation www.avina.net The main objective of Avina is to contribute to concrete and relevant changes for a more sustainable development in Latin America. Avina generates and supports collaborative processes that improve the quality of the links between entrepreneurs, companies, civil society organizations, the academic sector and governmental institutions, to contribute together to the common good. Through these activities, Avina builds favorable conditions so that the actions generate an impact in the spaces of power in order to achieve relevant changes in society that lead to a sustainable Latin America.

AML Superconductivity and Magnetics. www.amlsuperconductivity.com Founded in 1995, AML is a recognized leader in the development of innovation based on magnets and superconductivity solutions. That puts it on the frontier of transformational solutions in a wide range of sectors, including energy, industrial solutions, transportation, water treatment and medical solutions. Enabling such critical solutions, AML helps its clients create economic and social value relevant to the global community.

Corfo – The strategic partner.

Chilean Agency for Economic Development www.corfo.cl Corfo is an executing agency of government policies in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, through tools and instruments compatible with the central guidelines of a social market economy, creating the conditions to build a society of opportunities.

The State of Chile through CORFO is the first strategic partner of Impact Innovation Alliance, through a project that partially finances the "Consortium of Superconductivity for Energy Efficiency". This Consortium is part of the activities that Impact Innovation Alliance will develop from Chile for the rest of the world.